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that direction. take extra care. almost an inch of rain already at the santa rosa airport. it's going to sag to the south throughout the day today. strong gusty winds ahead of this cold front we could still see gusts to 50 miles per hour on the coastline and mountaintops there. we have seen gusts over 30 already and more to come. the afternoon is going to be soggy around the bay area. temperatures only going to be in the 50s. and this storm system really opening up the door, a series of storms headed our way throughout the weekend. we'll have more on that with gianna. >> of course, that means troubles for the roads when the rain gets a little closer to the bay bridge here so so far we are homing steady. it's the calm -- holding steady the calm before the storm. overall easy ride to san francisco. wind advisory is in effect on the bay bridge. san mateo bridge no delays both directions looking good. no delays as you work your way towards 680 in pleasanton. slight delays through the
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altamont pass. mass transit delays to report. caltrain number 101 slow out of redwood city about 15 minutes. back to you guys. >> thank you. you can follow the storm yourself with our hi-def doppler. just go to a midwest storm is leaving travelers stranded. a blizzard brought white-out conditions to illinois. several highways have been closed across the midsection of the country. the storm is slowly crawling across several states now. more than 500 flights out of chicago's o'hare and midway airports have been canceled. some airlines are waiving fees for customers who want to change flights because of this big storm. the weather in the midwest is also affecting travelers at sfo. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran is at the airport this morning with more on the expected weather delays. good morning, cate. >> good morning, michelle. >> reporter: mother nature is already making her mark here in the bay area but i want to show you now that things are pick up here at sfo. you can see the travelers are already standing in line. i just got off the phone with
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an airport representative who told me coastal flights could be canceled because of that impending storm so check in with those flights before you get here. we are also seeing ripple effects from the winter storm in chicago here at our airports. aviation officials say more than 350 flights out of o'hare international airport and 150 out of midway were canceled. sfo reps say as a result, it's delayed a few flights in the bay area. we'll have our own weather setbacks here at home, as well. rain is slowly moving into our region. so unfortunately, the national weather service says this could complicate things for travelers. >> we wanted to avoid big crowds. we are still waiting but i can see it now, it's already packed. >> reporter: those potential weather delays could impact your connecting flights so check in on those. in addition to that, sfo is expecting an estimated 130,000 passengers to pass through this airport.
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and we just checked the faa website. in addition to that we are seeing four-hour delays arriving into sfo. so in addition to the potential departure delays you have arriving delays as well so again, the best bet is to double-check those flights before you get to the airport and make sure you have a bit of extra time today to travel. reporting live at sfo, cate caugiran, cbs 5. >> a little patience, too. all right, cate, thank you. breaking news in north san jose. right now police are investigating a deadly stabbing. around 3 a.m., police arrived on scene at oakland road near brokaw to find a man with at least one stab wound. he was taken to the hospital and pronounced dead. police have not identified a suspect. antioch police are searching for a second suspect after a robbery, police chase and this fiery crash. officers say the two people robbed the bonfair market on 10th street around 1:00 in the morning. police caught up to them and
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started a chase that came to a crashing halt when the car went into a wall on west trigalis road and burst into flames. police are still trying to figure out who the second suspect is and where he went. a suspect is hospitalized after another police chase ended with a crash in vacaville this morning. there is no word yet on why the chp was chasing the driver or where the pursuit began. we do not suspect car crashed -- we do know the suspect car crashed east of interstate 80. details of the suspect's conditions are not released. a hit-and-run crash in san francisco last night has left a woman with serious injuries at about 9:00 on christmas tree point in the twin peaks area. police say that there were four people walking on the road, three fell about 30 feet down a hillside. paramedics used back boards and ropes to carry out a rescue. police found a car then with fender damage a short distance away and detained the driver. there will be four people inside that car. one of them was hurt in the
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crash. the drive was detained. police are evaluating -- the driver was detained and police are evaluating whether the driver was impaired. a woman in her 50s a passenger in the vehicle has life- threatening injuries. a moment of silence is planned this morning in connecticut to honor those who died in last week's mass shooting. cbs reporter marlie hall joins us now from newtown. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it seems like every day here in newtown is a new sense of normal. an endless series of funerals and every day since the tragedy has been a day of mourning but today the nation will stop and remember. >> reporter: at 9:30 this morning, people here in newtown will stop what they're doing and observe a moment of silence to mark the one week point since a shooter killed 26 people at sandy hook elementary school. [ bells ] >> reporter: then the church bells will ring signifying another funeral for another
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child. pablo carmona attended the funeral of his friend and fellow boy scout benjamin wheeler. >> i don't really know why he had to die. but it's very sad. >> reporter: catherine hubbard liked to ride horses and allison wyatt wanted to become an artist. >> my husband asked me last night, he said, has this rocked your faith in god? and i said, absolutely not. but it has done a few things about my faith in human beings. >> reporter: the outpouring of love and emotions for the families of the victims extends far beyond this memorial in newtown something emilie parker's family found out when they took her body home to ogden, utah. >> a lot of you guys don't even know who she is. a lot of you never even met her. [ crying ] >> reporter: the father of 6- year-old victim emilie parker tried to thank the hundreds who showed up for her memorial service. >> i'm so thankful for everybody that's here. [ crying ] >> i can't... >> reporter: emilie parker will be buried at a private funeral
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service tomorrow. this official day of mourning extends beyond connecticut. states around the country will be observing a moment of silence this morning to remember the slain students and faculty. >> we have seen so many images around newtown with a lot of teddy bears and candles and cards. flowers left by people coming to honor the victims. what are they going to do with all that. >> reporter: those mementos are still here. as you can probably tell, it's raining heavily in newtown. so tents have been put up to protect those mementos from the elements. michelle? >> okay, marlie hall in newtown, connecticut, thank you. some websites will have an internet version of the moment of silence this morning. several celebrities are calling for a five-minute time-out on the internet out of respect for the newtown shooting victims. again, that will be at 6:30 this morning pacific time.
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now the time is 8 minutes after 6:00. in developing news this morning a u.s. citizen has been arrested in north korea. >> plus the "fiscal cliff" failure. boehner pulls the plug on his backup plan. what's next in the stalemate. >> and the neighbors have spoken. a 7-eleven shut out of a peninsula city. why some say it should not have been there in the first place. ,,,,,,
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morning.. to combat big sev bay area malls this morningo combat big crowds.. it's in response to the releas new this morning, take a look. police are called out to several bay area malls this morning to combat big crowds. this is in response to the release of the air jordan 11 shoe. chopper 5 you can see is over the scene right now. you can see the crowds of people. this is in newark where hundreds of people are outside the newpark mall.
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and you can see a lot of officers trying to maintain some calm there. by the way, we have to take a look and the these shoes, reliant? >> i just looked them up on amazon and the amazon price -- but, of course, there's a lot of different flavors of these shoes -- go from like $590 in to $890 but they're cheaper than that apparently elsewhere. >> this one is a big deal because this was originally released in 1996, was seen on michael jordan's feet during his championship run. so... >> and so now people are lined up for it. there are a dozen police officers who are maintaining crowd control in anticipation of the 8 a.m. release this morning. one thing that is missing from that scene, umbrellas but they will not be missing for long because we have a storm that's powering down out of the south. and lawrence has the latest on all that. it's dry up here at least in san francisco. but not for long, yeah, for the north bay it's on the way. >> that is true. but guys, those jordans would look so good on my feet. >> i bet. >> just so now. >> i bet they won't wear them.
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they will just keep them. >> they are $800? >> yeah. >> that is crazy. i saw people at the mall the other day and they were all lined up. i had to stop by and see what they were lining up for. they were having a raffle and the line was out the door. simply amazing. all right. back to weather, folks. around the bay area today, yeah, we have a pretty good storm headed in our direction. look at the cold front lingering ever so slowly to the south. it's going to be moving today. but it has been dumping lots of rain so far in the north bay. you can see the yellows and the orange, some very heavy rainfall. now an inch of rain into santa rosa, 4" into the mountains, petaluma heavy rainfall. it's slowly moving south. that means it's going to dump a lot of rain throughout the bay area when it gets here. rainy and windy, periods of rain throughout the weekend even some thunderstorms too. this slow-moving cold front going to open the door to a series of storms. you see the cold speckled clouds off the coastline.
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not well organized yet but i think it will and as it does, you'll see on-and-off rain. delays at sfo on arriving flights of 4 hours. of course, a lot of, trying to get around the country it's going to be tough for folks around the country. delays at laguardia, 58 degrees expected in new york this afternoon. chilly 31 in chicago. 54 in denver and 57 degrees in houston. if you plan to travel to the high country today, be very careful. winter storm warnings run. we could see upwards of 5 feet of snow across the higher between now and monday morning. so no messing around. this is a serious storm system. computer models picking up on the storm sagging south throughout the morning, this afternoon more showery. but toward tomorrow another impulse moves in and you're looking at possibility of some embedded thunderstorms some heavy rainfall into tomorrow morning could be a wild morning around the bay area tomorrow morning, as well.
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temperatures today expected only to be in the 50s outside and the next couple of days wet on and off throughout the weekend very stormy. maybe a break on monday into the first part of tuesday, christmas day but a chance of showers by the afternoon. and more rain is expected on wednesday and thursday. that's a look at weather. let's check traffic with gianna. >> rain on christmas, lawrence. >> i know, that would be terrible. i hope not. >> that was not on my christmas list. 15 minutes delays to report out of redwood city mass transit is now on time. no delays on bart, ace, muni, caltrain and ferries. flight delays at sfo but no delays on the freeways. north 101 easy ride 92 to the 80 split only 19 minutes no delays southbound 101 either. and looking good along 280 and 92. also no problems there. 580 not a bad drive at all. it's definitely "friday light." westbound 580 altamont pass to 680 only a 16-minute ride no delays once you hit 680.
6:16 am
antioch seeing a few brake lights westbound 4. a little slow-and-go conditions as you work your way through there. as you hit pittsburg no delays and clear all the way towards the eastshore freeway. eastshore freeway itself not showing any problems as you work your way towards the bay bridge but it is a bit windy out there. you can see our camera kind of dancing around there. so north 880, a little windy but no delays on the freeways southbound not too bad as you work your way to hayward. wind advisory for the bay bridge this morning. no delays on freeways. new details today on how work is coming to repair that giant sinkhole in lafayette. the mayor is expected to give a status report later today. the sinkhole opened up on mountain view drive after heavy rain earlier this month. the city manager tells us that most of the repairs to utility lines and the roadway are now done. the road should be open during the holidays but crews will come back in january to finish. north korea announced today
6:17 am
it's detaining an american citizen. the north korean government says that pae jun ho entered the country as a tourist back on november 3 and has confessed to unspecified crimes. he is reportedly known in his home state of washington as kenneth bay a 44-year-old tour operator of north korean descent. the government is offering no other details but claims the crimes have been proven through evidence. another setback for the "fiscal cliff" negotiations. house speaker john boehner couldn't round up the votes he needed to pass plan b, the gop's measure to avoid the "fiscal cliff" so he canceled the vote. plan b is designed to prevent automatic tax hikes on people making less than $1 millio a year. boehner says it's up to the president and democrats to make the next move. some 800 bay area jobs are heading out of town. chevron plans to move those spots to houston over the next two years. however, it plans to keep its corporate headquarters in san
6:18 am
ramon. the jobs are mostly technical positions dealing with information and advanced energy technologies. that part of company is based in texas. the san mateo planning commission has recommended a 7- eleven store be shut down less than two weeks after it opened. the building on north san mateo drive was a long-time home to an italian deli that went out of business two years ago. under city laws, zoning for the building should have reverted to residential after the building was empty for six months. but the 7-eleven store was granted a permit anyway and some neighbors were not pleased. >> they tried to slip thunder the radar and really what happens is they got caught with their hand in the cookie jar here by the group of neighbors who said you know this isn't fair. >> the city council will take up the matter next month to decide whether the 7-eleven has to close. 19 minutes after 6:00. the best scorer in the nba makes a wild shot that you have to see to believe! >> forget about a trim. lincecum difference his long
6:19 am
locks for a clean-cut look. we have the picture proof. >> stormy weather around the bay area this morning, are you headed to the high country to enjoy the holidays? well, bring those chains. we have heavy snow headed toward heavenly valley lots of snow on and off and wind for the weekend. northstar more snow on the way. as much as 5 feet of snow across some of the higher peaks. squaw valley be careful, plenty of snow though throughout the weekend. more on your weather when we come back. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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doppler radar showing a cold front sliding into the bay area. heavy rainfall already in the north bay going to be more rain elsewhere. we'll talk about that coming up. and windy conditions at the bay bridge so use caution as you work your way across the upper deck. no major delays though just some slight delays there in the cash lanes and metering lights remain off. traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. all right, gianna, thank you. it's a sign that the show may be over for the san jose sharks
6:23 am
and possibly for the league itself at least for this year. >> the league announced last night that they have canceled all games through january 14 because of the lockout. that's about half of the season's scheduled. sharks have already had to cancel 41 games including 20 home games. if the league will have a season at all it will have to start no later than late january. check out the new hairdo for san francisco giants pitcher tim lincecum. these are the before and after pictures. a seattle hairstylest tweeted that the right hander got his haircut earlier this month and the pictures of him with short hair have been floating around on twitter for several days. by the way, lincecum broke into majors with short hair back in 2007. what do you think? short or long? >> maybe he is a stockbroker in the off season. that's what he looks like. >> looks good. all right. play of the day comes to us from the nba. oklahoma city's kevin durant
6:24 am
with a shot off the top of the backboard right into the basket. the three-point play was not enough, though, at thunder fell to the minnesota timberwolves, 99-93. but impressive shot anyway. a little bit of luck there, too. >> play of the day. now it's 25 minutes after 6:00. coming up, a big push to get guns off the streets. san francisco's top cop joins us live in the studio. >> and remembering the students and teachers of sandy hook elementary. the moment of silence for newtown, connecticut. >> reporter: we're live at sfo where we're already getting reports of delays for arriving flights. we'll tell you how long you may have to wait when we return. >> and chopper 5 live showing pictures of the newpark mall in newark. police called out for crowd control because of the frenzy over shoes. we'll explain. ,, ,,,,,,,,,, well, well, well.
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>> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald good morning, everyone. it's friday, december 21. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm brian hackney. frank is off. it is 6:29. >> and it was one week ago about this time that a gunman went on a deadly rampage at an elementary school in newtown, connecticut. >> the town is about to observe a moment of silence in just about a minute to honor the victims. this is a live look right now outside of town hall. mourners are gathering to observing a moment of silence. governor jerry brown is observing a statewide moment of silence at 9:30 pacific time. >> in centuries past anglican
6:29 am
churches in england would ring bells for the age of people who passed. that's how they learned about people who died. this morning the bells will ring for the number of victims who died. now a moment of silence followed by the ring of the bells.
6:30 am
a moment of silence, in tri to those who lost their livn last
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[ bells ringing ]
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week's mass shooting in connecticut. you're watching a solemn scene on the steps of newtown, connecticut city hall where one week to the moment after a gunman killed 26 people in that town, first moment of silence and then the tolling of the bells for the 26 victims. >> it's just heartbreaking to hear those bells ring like that.
6:37 am
again, it's almost been -- it actually has been a week since the gunman went on a rampage and there are going to be many tributes across the country including here in california. governor jerry brown is calling for a moment. silence at 9:30 this morning statewide. >> all right. i realize after that it is very hard to get back into what's happening in day-to-day life. remember robert frost when his wife died, he said i know one thing about life, it goes on. and, you know, it will for us, as well. but things we're looking at this morning is a weather system coming in from the north. going to have an effect on us want to make sure we keep you safe through that. so let's get the latest with lawrence karnow. >> we do have some heavy rainfall that's now sliding into the north bay. this is a slow-moving storm system, as many as 4-plus inches in some of the north bay mountains and santa rosa over an inch of rain. you can see on our high-def doppler radar, some of the yellows and oranges already, let's take new for a closer
6:38 am
look and you will see plenty of rain just about everywhere you go along the 101 if you are traveling in the north bay, watch out for pockets of some heavy rainfall. this is going to be on and off throughout the morning. and a whole system is sliding out. we have seen strong gusty winds over 30-mile-an-hour gusts, you could see gusts at 50 in the mountains. we'll continue with the rain as it marches south. it is going to be a soggy friday. the temperatures are expected only to be in the 50s. and this storm system opening the door to a series of storms head our way over the weekend. we will have more on that in a moment. right now let's check the roads with gianna. >> lawrence, thank you very much. we are keeping a close eye on the roads because of that wet weather. 101 through santa rosa we have seen one spinout not a lot of accidents just yet. westbound 37 at mare island we have reports of an accident where a vehicle went off the embankment. if they call out a tow truck to
6:39 am
get this cleared, they may have to shut down one lane causing some delays. so we'll keep you updated on that. mass transit on time, muni, caltrain and ferries and ace and bart. slight delays on ace toward the end of the line but no problems. 101 heading to sfo no delays. peninsula ride looks good as well as 92. a look at the bay bridge, live conditions here we are starting to see a bit of a backup, not as bad as we normally do on a regular workday but they turned the metering lights on which indicates there is slowing up the incline. that's a look at your morning drive. back to you guys. >> thank you. you can follow the storm yourself with our hi-def doppler at time now 6:40. they are not waiting for d.c. to stop gun violence. >> yeah. new plans to get guns off the streets. our one on one conversation with san francisco's top cop will come up in a moment.
6:40 am
>> and the market just opened about 10 minutes ago. let's check the early numbers here and see how it's doing. oh, doesn't look too good. coming up an update from kcbs financial reporter jason brooks. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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hundreds of flights out of chicago's o hare and midway airports have been canceled. this on the biggest day for holiday travel. cbs-5 repo the midwest storm is disrupting travel throughout the country. hundreds of flights through chicago have been canceled this on the biggest day of holiday travel. cate caugiran has more on the delays. >> reporter: i just checked the faa website and we are anticipating 4 hour delays for arriving flights at sfo. so in addition to being the busiest travel day of the year you're also traveling against mother nature.
6:44 am
the lines are starting to build up here at the airport and we are going to have our own share of setbacks for travelers. rain is moving into the region so unfortunately, the national weather service says this could make things messy for travelers. but the early bird flyers we spoke to say they have been prepared. we in that sfo is anticipating about 130,000 passengers to travel through this airport. now, the best advice we have for anybody during big holiday travel is to check your flights before you come to the airport and make sure you do have that extra bit of time just in case any delays or cancellations occur. reporting live at sfo, cate caugiran, cbs 5. >> thank you. this morning, renewed fears about the so-called "fiscal cliff" are having a negativism pact on the markets this after house speaker john boehner canceled a vote. kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks reports. >> reporter: good morning. we might be getting a preview as to what will happen to the stock market if we don't get an agreement by the end of the year on the "fiscal cliff." stocks are diving this morning,
6:45 am
a lot of pessimism on wall street. let's check the numbers. the dow is down by 118. the biggest drop in a month. nasdaq and s&p are also down. those "fiscal cliff" concerns overshadowing everything else going on in the economy. we have good news. commerce department reporting that consumer spending in november rose 4/10ths of a percent after a negative october and paychecks even grew by 6/10ths of a percent the biggest gain in 11 months. but it's all about the "fiscal cliff" these days. also apple is appealing a federal court judge's decision to not go ahead with an injunction that would have banned sales of 26 samsung devices in the united states. but like all other stocks right now, apple is falling. a quick look, apple shares are down by nearly 2%. it's going to be an ugly day ahead unless we get some progress on the "fiscal cliff." back to you guys. >> thank you kcbs radio's
6:46 am
financial reporter jason brooks. last week's mass shooting in connecticut is getting attention about gun buy-backs. here's phil matier with chief greg suhr of the san francisco police department. good morning. >> good morning. we were just talking about this buy back. it was quite an event. >> it was big. i think it was significant especially the day after the tragedy. >> how many weapons did you guys bring in, 296 and still counting? >> no. we got 296 and now we're planning another buy-back for january so we will still be counting. >> and 300 over in oakland. >> yeah. >> any surprises? >> i just think the sheer volume. you can see some of the guns now. but pouring down rain nobody left everybody stayed. people took ious when we ran out of money, we'll cash those out today. just i think everybody wanted to get guns out. >> you and the mayor got together as we see here to outlaw certain guns in san francisco.
6:47 am
the assault ones. and hollow point bullets, as well. now, what's that really going to do on the street? is that really going to affect crime or is this something that's sort of a political reaction? >> i can tell you that the gun that killed isaac espinosa would have been banned. the gun that was used in connecticut would have been banned. so, uhm....... those are two events that i think everybody -- i know i would have liked to have seen not happen. >> i agree with that. but on the question of handguns, guns that we city day to day, you saw day to day in your two years as captain in bayview. >> we take more guns off the streets in bayview than any san francisco district. >> and so what about any move to try to curb that? >> well, i mean, again, we take a lot of guns off the street. the officers in the bayview actually all across the city in this country take a ton of guns off the streets without a shot being fired. the gun buy-back was great. we'll do that, too. these are all guns -- you have to remember that the guy in
6:48 am
newtown, connecticut those guns were in his house. these people turning in these guns were in homes. >> does it become more important gun buy-backs after the shooting last friday? >> we had our planned but we didn't know obviously that anything was going to happen certainly of this magnitude so when it happened the next day we were were planning on getting about 100 guns tops. we got 600 between two cities. >> even with the assault ban, in 1994 to 2004 didn't cover the bushmaster that was used in the newtown shootings. >> no. as a matter of fact, my understanding is that there will be 100 specific assault rifles banned and any magazine that carries 10 rounds or move which would have included that rifle. >> is that part of the new proposal. >> that was her old proposal that we are asking to be reinstituted without any expiration date. >> but the bushmaster was a legally obtained gun. >> yes. >> at the time. >> at the time. >> right. >> it would be grandfathered in even if we passed gun control right now. it would still be -- if you owned one right now you
6:49 am
wouldn't have to give it up, right? it would still be sitting in that house waiting to go. >> if it was sitting in the house, right. but a lot of times when we come across these things, granted, we take them off -- keep it at a minimum if it's a legal gun and we don't give a lot back. >> if somebody in law enforcement as long as you have and not, you know, and actually been on the streets, the toughest neighborhoods in san francisco, when you watch this whole gun debate on television and such in the national, what's your reaction? >> well, the thing that bothers me the most is how it's -- there's no crossover, right? so there should be certainly more gun control, but then things that we would like to see is major city chiefs like -- ban internet sales out right. make all the salesperson to person. and then have some sort of control on the folks that get them. we have folks of diminished capacity right now there's no controls on them buying guns. >> so when you see this, as it goes does it strike you as
6:50 am
being something effectual or something that okay these politicians are reacting just to the moment and you sit there and go that's nice but when are you going to get serious? >> you know, it's first all about [ indiscernible ] as long as we do something, it's better than nothing. >> all right. phil matier, thank you so much and chief, thanks for stopping by. >> thank you. we have some heavy rain moving into the bay area. lawrence, what's the latest? >> it's now beginning to move further south. you can see high-def doppler radar rainfall making its way into san francisco. the heaviest rainfall falling so far in the north bay some places over 4" of rain in the north bay alone. still if you are traveling in that direction, some heavy rainfall through san rafael up toward petaluma along the 101. this is going to be a very stormy day around the bay area, just a slow-moving storm system. so it's going to dutch a whole lot of -- dump a whole lot of rain. cloudy, windy wet the better part of the day. could see wind gusts upwards of 50 miles per hour at the beaches. that rain and wind will
6:51 am
continue today but this really is just opening the door now a series of storms lining up off the coastline still haven't developed but they will be pushing onshore. delays at sfo on arriving flights 4 hours. what a mess that's going to be. across the country of course we have a storm on the eastern seaboard. that will cause some delays. you're seeing delays in new york now, 58 degrees there, mostly cloudy skies this afternoon. 31 in chicago. 54 in denver. and 57 degrees in houston. bring your chains to the high country, strong winds and five feet of snow throughout the weekend. here's the latest computer model run on our storm system in the north bay, sliding to the south, throughout the day but a slow mover so take the better part of the day to get on through. and then it turns to showers late this afternoon. and then a pretty good organized batch of rainfall moves in tomorrow morning. maybe some embedded thunderstorms with that system as it slides through, too. and then it looks like more showers on and off throughout the weekend. the temperatures are expected to only be in the 50s for highs
6:52 am
today expected to be a stormy weekend brief break on monday slight chance of showers in the afternoon on christmas day. all right. let's check the roads with gianna. we are going to head to the bay bridge where they did turn the metering lights on just a few minutes ago. but we're not seeing any major delays. here's our live shot of the bay bridge toll plaza. so far, so good. it's "friday light" at you work your way towards the pay gates. not bad into san francisco. westbound 37 at mare island an accident vehicle went down an embankment not causing delays on the main lines of 37 right now but they may call a tow truck out there to the scene to clear this out of the way so that may block a lane so you might see some delays if that happens. we'll keep you updated on that. elsewhere if you are headed to sfo this morning, 101 is looking good. the freeways are not showing any delays along the peninsula. same goes for 880 this morning. both directions clear if you are heading to the oakland airport. that's a look at traffic. back to you guys. >> thank you. the time now is 7 minutes
6:53 am
before 7:00. it's 6:53. and coming up, a big rush at bay area malls. >> yeah, police called out to control the crowds. what all the fuss is about. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
malls this morning.. to combat big crowds.. it's in response to the release of e air-jordan 1 shot video e police are being called out to several bay area malls this morning to combat big crowds. take a look. this is all in response if you can believe it to the release of the air jordan 11 shoe. chopper 5 shot video recallier this morning at the newpark mall in newark with all of those crowds. anne makovec is live in san francisco where police are at the stonestown gallery. what's going on. >> reporter: 60 people, as well. there was a line right behind me. they just were moved closer to the mall. a very organized situation here at the stone towns galleria
6:57 am
they say they have been waiting here since 2:00 yesterday afternoon the let's take a look at the item. everybody isle is straighting over this. this is the new nike air jordan shoe. it's the 11th shoe, that's the 11th version i guess of the shoe that's been around for a couple of decades, 180 bucks, black, white and red and very sought after. another look at those pictures from newark right now. people lining up outside of chic shoes there about 300 people have been there since about 4 a.m. and more than a dozen police officers as well trying to make sure everything stays organized. check out this video from alabama. there was an early release there. police had to pepper spray the crowd in huntsville, alabama. security guards tried to control a disturbance and that's when they called police about 75 people waiting in line for shoes there. so the store here nordstrom's is expected to open at 7:00 and i'll bet a lot of these shoes will end up on ebay. live in san francisco, anne
6:58 am
makovec, cbs 5. >> thank you. lots going on. you can see ann has her hood off. we have dropped on the screen back here suggest the rain has reached the city. >> doppler verified! it's coming on right now, folks. that rainfall has been falling very heavy in the north bay. now beginning to slide a little bit further to the south. it's going to be very stormy all day. we have the slow moving cold front moving on through temperatures going to stay only in the 50s, wind advisory continuing out toward the coastline. could see some gusts there to 50 miles an hour. this opens up the door some very stormy weather on and off throughout the weekend slight chance of showers on christmas day. gianna. >> that's not going to work on christmas day, lawrence. >> sorry. >> of course with that wet weather means we are going to have problems on the road. it is the calm before the storm. metering lights on at the bay bridge but traffic moving okay not too bad as you work your way and one quick live shot of the san mateo bridge. extra volume westbound but so far no accidents as you head through here and the peninsula looks good towards sfo. >> thanks, gianna. kind of a grim morning this morning. there is one glimmer of pretty
6:59 am
good news. >> what is in a? >> now what it is. >> frank is back on monday. [ laughter ] >> have a good weekend. captions by: caption colorado captioning funded by cbs jeerks good morning to our viewers in the west. it is friday, december 21st, 2012. welcome to "cbs this morning." a massive storm leaves travelers changing plans. the fiscal talks are going nowhere. house republicans are defying their own leader who is forced to call off a crucial vote. breaking news the world has not come to an end yet, we'll take you to around the apyp

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